Welcome on Czégel ventilation homepage!

Our develop firm was found in 1993.

The quality of our products and short terms results that we can grow on market of home and certain other country. We take care to develop our machines and this thing mean that we increase our capacity in every year. We aspire to find a best solution for our customer and in some case we make a special parts for them.

We have been making so many important airduct system and making continuously. To help our customer we take list of parts from drawings, making and to build in buildings.Our collages give help to our customers to make their ideas. If you have an airduct system plan, please send to us and we give you an offer as soon as possible!

To ground technological or industrial system of airducts, please make a contact to our collages.

Our different products are the isolated chimneys and inner tubes. Our chimneys are certified by ÉMI to give a best quality.

We have been waiting for your kindly order or question!

András Czégel

general director